About us

TECHNOMACHOPROGRESS Ltd (TMF) has established itself as a modern construction company. It specializes in mounting-construction, repair-construction, installation and finishing of industrial buildings and facilities as well as public engineering projects.

Since its inception in 1992 until now, TMP has accumulated extensive experience not only on the Bulgarian but also on the international market. In addition to the necessary experience, TMP has material and technical resources, intellectual potential and workforce for self-employment. The facilities of  TMP are secured by bank guarantees from first class Bulgarian and international banks.

The development of the company in the last years is conditioned by the development of the construction and technology in Bulgaria, but also by the long experience of the senior management. The company has attracted some of the best specialists in the sector and is carrying out its activities under internationally established standards and norms.

These prerequisites allow TECHNOMACHOPROGRESS Ltd to successfully handle large and complex objects and fulfill the expectations of its customers and partners, offering excellent quality for the specified execution terms.

TMP is an active member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and holds certificates for all kinds of construction from the 1st to the 5th group including all categories. In an effort to cover the ever-increasing demands for high quality work, TMP has implemented, developing and maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS). TMP Certificate for European Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2015 with registration number 32979/15 / S.

In the company also has implemented and certified BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 safety system and environmental protection ISO 14001: 2015.

Our organization guarantees maximum security as for our own information as for the information of our customers. We ensure the continuity of our business through ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Embedded Information Security Management System.

TECHNOMACHOPROGRESS Ltd. also owns a license for maintenance, repair and reconstruction of:

  • pipes for steam and hot water
  • vessels operating under pressure;
  • steam and hot water boilers with high pressure;
  • gas facilities;

I. Specialists

TMP dispose about 90 highly skilled executive and technical-engineering employees with great professional experience. The company's personnel have the necessary certificates and attestations for their activities. The well-developed team principle in performing the tasks is one of the main factors guaranteeing the high quality and rapid execution of the  performed activities. The Company is successfully developing and operating a Human Resource Management System. Through it it is possible to integrate the personal goals of each specialist and worker as well as the company's common business strategy.

The company pursues a targeted policy of recruiting and training of young people, who are provided with the necessary conditions for professional realization and development. There are programs aimed at qualification and narrow specialization for the implementation of specific tasks intended to improve and motivate all staff. The HR management system is developed as a good internal company practice that guarantees high quality in the implementation of responsible projects by the company.

II. Experience

TMP performs a wide range of activities in the construction area. The company has completed many important industrial, public and housing projects as well as a number of infrastructure projects.

TMP is one of the well-established companies in the area of industrial construction in Bulgaria. Combining the professionalism of its employees with modern equipment and technologies, high quality materials and high-performance mechanization, TMP offers excellent finished product.